• Roll-Away® Retractable Window Screens


    Roll-Away® window screens are custom made to size and are available to fit practically every type and size window. When retractable window screens are not in use they are rolled up like a window shade, giving an unobstructed view. Since the window screen is concealed in a housing when not being used, it won't accumulate dust like standard screens do. This enhances the screen's appearance and prolongs the life of the screen. Extruded Aluminum Guides on Each Side Allow Smooth Operation.

    We are available to assist you in the measuring and installation process in addition to the written instructions below.  If you are not comfortable with your DIY abilities, we highly recommend employing a handyman or contractor.

    The Series 4000 Roll-Away® Window Screen Features:
    - Compact 1 13/16" Wide by 1 7/8" Tall Top Roller Housing.
    - Fingertip Magnetic Latching Control.
    - Slide it Down When Your Window is Open.
    - Slide it up into Housing, Away From Dirt, Damage and Oxidation.
    Available in Black, Bronze, Champagne Beige, Desert Sand, Satin & White

    Measuring for Roll-Away Retractable Window Screens
    Installation Instructions for Roll-Away Retractable Screen Windows